Best Toddler Trampolines

Best Toddler Trampoline Guide

A toddler trampoline is meant for 3 to 5 year olds and provides an outlet for their boundless energy and provides healthy exercise while developing confidence, coordination and balance. A toddler trampoline can also be used indoors where it is impervious to any weather conditions, which is great for overly hot summers, rain and snow. Its small size and portability also enables a trampoline for toddlers to be placed anywhere in the house under the watchful supervision of an adult or it can even be packed in the trunk for a road trip. For children 5 and above, I would get a rebounder instead which can be used by the whole family.

Best Toddler Trampolines

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Here are the recommendations of the best trampolines for toddlers:
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Have an older child or want something the whole family can use? Get a REBOUNDER!


What should you consider when deciding on the best trampoline for a toddler?

Adult Supervision

Firstly, toddlers should only use a trampoline under adult supervision. Never let them play on a trampoline by themselves. A trampoline is not a TV or iPad which you can leave a child alone with. When using a trampoline for the first few times, most young children would require hand holding by their parents or another adult. This is also the best time to reinforce some rules when using the trampoline such as, “You can only use the trampoline after asking for permission from Mum, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma or the nanny, etc.”

Age and Weight Specifications

Trampolines for toddlers are typically specified for children aged from 3 to 5 and up to a maximum of 80 pounds. For weight, it is simple enough, make sure the child’s weight does not exceed the specified weight limit. When it comes to age, it can vary slightly. If you have a well coordinated or advanced 2 year old, you could also start them early or if your 6 year old weighs less than the weight limit then you can continue to use it beyond the age limit.


Toddler trampolines come with a handlebar for your little ones to hold on to. This both helps with their confidence and is a safety feature. The only precaution with handlebars is that some poorly designed trampolines for toddlers have a higher tipping risk. The further in towards the center the handlebars are the lower the chance of tipping over, however the handlebars cannot be too far in as that would impede the jumping area. Some manufacturers have therefore designed triangular trampolines or trampolines with legs that arch outwards to improve the center of gravity.


Expect to pay from about $70 to $100 for reasonable quality. Models in the $50 range might be tempting but might not be worth the compromises in product safety or quality. It just does not make sense to go too cheap and end up wasting the initial amount when you buy a better quality replacement shortly after. Or worse still regret it when your child is injured or house damaged by a broken part or flying spring.

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